Man with Aspergers Syndrome ordered to have limited Time/Access with his two children 9 and 12

In a Parramatta Federal Circuit Court case, the court ordered a father who had been diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, to have only day time access to his two children aged 11 and nine between the hours of one in 5 PM.

The mother was given sole parental responsibility of the two children.

In this case, the family consultant had reported that the interim time the father had received of 30 hours per week was harmful to each child and that they should spend only a few hours each fortnight with the father.

The judge found that the father ‘does not recognise expressions of emotional needs accurately’ (para 29) , and further that he had poor insight, lack of parental judgement and showed irresponsibility.

The court found that improvements by the father were not likely to improve the children’s engagement with him in any meaningful way. (Para 34 Redman v Bartsch(2013) FMCAfam309)

This case demonstrates how powerful the effect of a child psychologist’s report can be to determine the future time a parent spends with their child. If you want to discuss any parenting issues with us, please contact Rowan Skinner and Associates Lawyers(