When should I introduce my new partner?

There are many common concerns associated with introducing your new partner to your children. It can be a difficult process deciding the right time and the right approach to take when doing so. In addition, new partners can affect the view of your former spouse, the other parent, about whether you are appropriately caring for the children’s emotional needs.

Marilyn Stowe, an English family lawyer, highlights a number of key considerations that must be dealt with prior to the introduction of a new partner to your children.[1]

It is important to consider the seriousness of your relationship and whether you see a future with your partner. If you are in a happy and stable relationship, you will be in a better position to introduce your partner to your children.

Before the introduction, you should have a conversation with your children to explain the situation, listen to their feelings and concerns and ensure they are comfortable with the situation. It is important to reassure them that they will still be your main priority.

As recommended by Marilyn Stowe, the first few meetings should occur in a neutral setting where everyone can be involved in an age-appropriate activity.[2] This will allow your children to become comfortable around your new partner, before they are invited into your home.

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