Stress and Divorce

One of the most stressful life experiences is the process of going through a divorce or separation.

The process and the emotions associated with it are all-consuming, making it a particularly stressful period in a person’s life.

Marilyn Stowe, and English family law, outlines the importance of self-care during a family breakdown by addressing 7 tips to help people dealing with a stressful divorce of separation:[1]

  1. Taking the time to voice your concerns and talk things through with a family member, friend, counsellor or support group.
  2. Engaging in regular exercise to improve your mood and overall wellbeing.
  3. Taking time for yourself and prioritising self-care.
  4. Learning to control your own reactions and letting go of what you cannot control.
  5. Allowing yourself to face the emotions involved in the process and learning to accept them.
  6. Reminding yourself that you are not alone.
  7. Recognising that a divorce or separation is a lengthy process and taking the time you need is important.

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