Stefanovic and Thornburn Separation: Celebrity Divorce, it happens to the best of us

The separation between famous morning show anchor, Karl Stefanovic and his wife Cassandra Thornburn has made recent headlines. With Cassandra recently expressing her thoughts and feelings in an interview, she sheds light on the grittiness of separation.

You may not be famous like a Karl Stefanovic or married to someone like him and the ‘glitz and glam’ of celebrity journalism may hyperbolise the grittiness of separation. However, the fact stands that the challenges celebrities face are not dissimilar to the ones you are currently facing in your separation. With 1 in 3 marriages ending in divorce it is an undeniable reality for many of us. From parliamentarians, to the rich and famous, to the girl next door, none of us are immune from it.

Divorce is often tabooed in many cultures. The hardships are swept under the rug, and we are advised to ‘forget about it and move on…if not for yourself, then at least for the children’s sake.’ The separation of Stefanovic and Thornburn pushed against this trend when Cassandra unveiled the realities of her divorce. She made it okay to speak up about it, and showed many of us that it is okay to be divorced. It is a reality for a lot of us and is not something we should be ashamed of.

Without talking about it, often times we fall into the trap of missing the full picture. One may imagine divorce to be simply a matter of signing a few papers, then ultimately gaining back your freedom, autonomy and essentially your life. For some of us this may be true, but unfortunately only for a select few. It is far more likely to be a little more complex than that. Divorce involves division of assets and property, financial complications and more often than not, children. With potential court hearings you may be faced with legal costs and mounds of paperwork. And let us not ignore the effects that lie under the surface. The feeling of being alone, losing your sense of identity along with the person who you once thought was your soul mate. No longer being ‘married,’ or even ‘single’, but rather ‘divorced’. You now face the challenge: do you let this label define you, or use this opportunity to redefine yourself into who you want to be.

Hearing Cassandra speak of her experience makes us realise that we are not alone when dealing with such issues. Thousands of couples go through separation and have to ask themselves these exact same questions. Obtaining legal advice may very well be a source of comfort in these scary times. Although no two cases are alike, there is a sense of comfort in knowing that people have trekked these treacherous paths that lie before you. Having a guide who has walked this path countless times may be of some use. Allowing them to deal with the navigation and technical complications of each matter permits you to focus on yourself, and start of the very important process of self-healing.

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