How Does A Court Divide Property If My Partner Has Wasted Our Assets?

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There are instances where one party loses or wastes an asset, for example, gambles your house away, or sends your money on illegitimate causes. In some circumstances where this is proven, the Court might agree to given you a cash adjustment for the value of the lost asset or part of the value.

The significance of such an allegation is that the Court can add back into the pool of assets, the value of an asset in circumstances where:

(a) a party has engaged in a course of conduct designed to reduce the effective value of an asset; or

(b) a party has acted recklessly, negligently or wantonly with an asset to reduce its overall value.

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For more information about how spousal maintenance is calculated in Victoria make sure to check our latest article.

Rowan Skinner

About Rowan Skinner

Rowan Skinner is a highly skilled family lawyer with over 35 years of experience across various legal roles and jurisdictions. Rowan specialises in resolving family law disputes such as divorce, financial settlements, child custody and domestic violence cases. Through his diverse and extensive experience, Rowan has a deep understanding of the complexities and nuances involved in family law. Rowan is a skilled negotiator and litigator who follows a compassionate and client-focused approach which prioritises helping you navigate what can be an emotional and challenging time.

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