Domestic violence by children

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New statistics released by the Childrens Court of Victoria has revealed an alarming increase in the number of domestic violence orders made against children for acts committed against their parents.

In 2014 alone, more than 870 children received family violence intervention orders with 183 of those children breaching the order. In the period 2013-14, 9 children were found guilty of contravening an order and 216 were charged with alleged breaches. This figure escalated from 104 children five years ago. Police reports have indicated that in 2014 more than 6000 domestic violence reports were made by parents against children aged less than 24. 38 of those children were less than 10 years old.

Experts have suggested that such conduct was the likely result of the child experiencing significant trauma that manifested in violent behaviour.

A new report titled “The Last Resort” details the experiences of 11 children aged 14-18 who have committed violence against their families. Nine of the parents involved indicated that their abusive child had experienced domestic violence prior to imitating the same behaviour. One mother provided details of an incident in which her son had pinned her to the ground by her neck with his knee.

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