Cocaine, Cross Dressing And Children

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In a recent decision, the Federal Circuit Court of Australia has imposed strict parenting arrangements upon the Father of a young daughter, after receiving evidence that the Father could not provide adequate care to the Child as a result of extracurricular activities which included drinking to excess, using cocaine and an interest in cross-dressing.

Whilst the Mother submitted that she did not feel the Father’s cross-dressing activities caused him to be an unfit parent, she conceded that the Father’s attempts to conceal his interests during their marriage caused him to be absent a lot of the time.

The Court ordered that the Child reside with her Mother and granted the Father strict arrangements whereby he could spend time with the daughter under the supervision of paternal grandparents. A condition of these orders required that the Father undergo weekly drug urine screens, providing the results to the Mother.

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Aspley v Aspley [2014] FCCA 2795