Children named as reason for staving off divorce

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A recent survey of 9856 Australian married adults who admit to cheating on their spouse or partner has revealed that children are one of the reasons that they refrain from getting a divorce.

Victoria Milan is a self-proclaimed dating website ‘specially designed for men and [women] who are currently in a relationship but seek some excitement and spice on the side through a discreet flirt or affair’. The survey, conducted on the website’s Australian members, indicated that 94% abstained from divorcing their spouse for their children’s sake.

Victoria Milan CEO, Sigurd Vedal, stated that couples often stay together despite feeling ‘desperately unhappy in their marriages’. Mr Vedal added that it was easy to see why couples stayed together as divorce can be extremely upsetting for children involved and in some cases lead to issues later on in life.

Interestingly, the survey also found that 71% of participants believed that their affairs were actually assisting their long-term relationships by making them happier and thus contributing to their desire to avoid divorce.

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