Lloyd Skinner

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Lloyd is a paralegal with a passion for international relations and Australian history.
Lloyd is currently studying a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Melbourne with a focus on history and Mandarin. He also is a staff writer for the Journal of Interdisciplinary Public Policy, a renowned global youth publication. The main areas of his writing are on Australian politics, and Middle Eastern and Asia-Pacific military affairs.
Prior to commencing his study, Lloyd participated in the Royal Australian Navy Officer Gap Year. He is a graduate of the Royal Australian Naval College, HMAS Creswell, and undertook deployments on HMAS Sydney, Adelaide, and Yarra.
As well as having an interest in family and criminal law, Lloyd has a strong desire to support his family’s business and ensures its continued dedication to the provision of quality service to clients.
In his spare time, Lloyd enjoys a variety of physical activity including cricket, cross fit and running. He also has a passion for nature and landscape photography which sees him regularly venture out into the bush for hikes and camping trips.